Modern Art

Modern art comprises artistic works produced from 1860s to 1970s. This denotes the philosophy and style of the art that is produced within that era. Modern art is typically associated with art wherein the past traditions have been aside for experimentation. The modern artists experimented with some new ways of seeing as well as with fresh ideas regarding the nature of the materials and art’s functions. Most of the recent production is called postmodern art or contemporary art.

Modern art starts with the painters’ heritage including Paul Cezame, Gorges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin as well as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. All of them play a huge role in the modern art’s development. At the start of the twentieth century, Henri Matisse and some young artists like Andre Derain, Georges Braque, Maurice de Vlammick, and Raoul Dufy revolutionized the world of Paris art with multi-colored, wild, figure paintings, and expressive landscapes that some critics referred to as Fauvism. The 2 versions of The Dance by Henri Matisse signified as a key point in his own career and modern painting’s development. This also reflected the incipient fascination of Matisse with the primitive art, which is by using an intense color on the figures against the cool background of blue-green and rhythmical succession of dancing nudes that convey the feelings of hedonism and emotional liberation.

Gauguin and some late nineteenth century artists Pablo Picasso who made his very first cubist paintings based on the concept of Cezame that depicts the nature was initially influenced by the known Toulouse-Lautrec. They said nature can be minimized to 3 solids, which are cone, sphere, and cube. With painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in year 1907, Picasso has dramatically made a radical and new picture that depict a primitive and raw brothel scene with 5 prostitutes, reminiscent of the African tribal masks, violently painted women, and his own Cubist inventions.

Then, analytic cubism was developed by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. This is the first and clear manifestation of the cubism, which was followed by the Synthetic cubism. This is practiced by Picasso, Braque, Juan Gris, Marcel Duchamp, Fernand Leger, and some artists in 1920s. This is characterized through the introduction of various textures, papier colle, collage elements, surfaces, and other subject matter.

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Even if modern architecture and sculpture are reckoned to emerge when the nineteenth century ended, the start of modern painting can be found earlier. Perhaps, the date is commonly identified as marketing the modern art’s birth in year 1863, which is the year when Edouard Manet showed Le dejeuner sur l’herbe, his painting, in Salon des Refuses in the city of Paris. The earlier dates were also proposed. Among them is the year 1855, which is the year when Gustave Courbet displayed The Artist’s Studio. In year 1784, Jacques-Louis David has completed his painting which is called The Oath of the Horatii. A historian also stated that each of the dates has significance in the modern art’s development. However, none marks a complete new beginning.

The strands of ideas that eventually led to modern art may be traced back to enlightenment and even to seventeenth century. The vital modern art critic known as Clement Greenberg, for example, referred to as Immanuel Kant as the very first real modernist who also drew a distinction. This is the enlightenment criticized from outside. The 1789’s French revolution uprooted institutions and assumptions that had centuries to be accepted with small question as well as accustomed the public to social and political debate. This gave rise to what Ernst Gombrich, an art historian, called the self-consciousness that made individuals choose the style of building because one chooses the wallpaper’s pattern.

The pioneers of the modern art are Realists, impressionists, and romantics. In the late nineteenth century, additional movements became influential and started to emerge symbolism and post-impressionism.

Influences in such movements were varied. From exposure to Eastern decorative arts particularly Japanese printmaking to Delacroix and Turner’s coloristic innovations to the search for more realism in the common life’s depiction as found in the painters’ work like Jean Francois Millet. The realism’s advocate stood against idealism of the academic art, which is tradition bound that enjoyed the official and public favor. The painters who are most successful for the day worked through bigger public exhibitions or commissions of their own work. There are government-sponsored painters of unions. The government also held public exhibitions of the new decorative and fine arts regularly.

The impressionists argued about those who don’t see objects. However, only the light that they reflect and thus painters must pain in the natural light instead of consider painting in the studios. They should also capture the light effects in their job. Some impressionist arts formed a particular group, which is called as the Association of Engravers, Sculptors, and Painters, which mounted several independent exhibitions. Many artists from across the globe adopted the style and became a national style. Such factors became the way to form a movement. Traits like establishment of working method important to art, establishment of a visible support’s active core, and so on, will be repeated by other artistic movements in period of modern art.

After World War II

US became the new artistic movements’ focal point only after the World War II. The 1960s and 1950s saw the existence of Color field painting, Op art, Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, minimal art, Hard-edge painting, fluxus happening, photorealism, Lyrical Abstraction, Video art, and several movements. Land art, Conceptual art, and performance art and some new art forms had attracted the critics and curators’ attention in the late 1970s or 1960s. Bigger performances and installations became widespread.

In the end of 1970s, cultural critics started speaking of the painting’s end because new media art became a category in itself as the number of artists experiment with the technological means like video art. Painting renewed and assumed importance in the 1990s and 1980s as evidenced through the neo-expressionism’s rise and figurative painting’s revival.

Toward the end of twentieth century, several architects and artists began questioning the concept of modern and made Postmodern works.